SDL Customer Experience Cloud

Integrated digital marketing technology platform

What is SDL Customer Experience Cloud?

SDL Customer Experience Cloud is an enterprise-level suite of Digital Marketing tools. At the core of the suite is SDL Web, the web content management and publishing system. It allows the management of multiple websites or mobile sites with highly structured content, in many languages. SDL provides web content management and technical content management that connect with your customers across channels, websites and devices.

What do you use it for?

Take control of your digital ecosystem. 

Connect with customers worldwide through dynamic web experiences across devices and languages. 

Engage customers with relevant experiences throughout their journey.

Why choose SDL Customer Experience Cloud?

Our customers use SDL Customer Experience Cloud when it comes to managing complex websites:

  • in multiple countries
  • in multiple languages
  • on multiple channels and devices. 

There is a good reason we keep using the word "multi" for SDL Digital Experience.

Deliver a future-proof, mobile optimized and scalable website with SDL's web content management. Revolutionize the way you manage content using SDL Web’s unique BluePrinting®.

Experience Optimization lets you deliver hyper-relevant web experiences through marketer driven testing, targeting and personalization capabilities to rapidly progress visitors from anonymous to known.

Add images and interactive video on any digital channel quickly and cost-effectively with Digital Media Management, while automatically handling complex file conversions, localization and global streaming.

AMPLEXOR's partnership with SDL

AMPLEXOR is an SDL Systems Integrator Partner. We deliver services which extend SDL technology and integrate solutions with other applications such as CRM systems, product configurators and more. SDL Systems Integrator Partners are highly trained professional consultants who provide customers the highest level of integration support and business enablement.

Who uses SDL Digital Experience Cloud?

AMPLEXOR customers such as GEA, Rabobank, Puratos and Christelijke Mutualiteiten.

Other SDL Digital Experience users worldwide include Yamaha, Atlas Copco, Repsol, MAN and Ricoh.


Want to know more about SDL Customer Experience Cloud?

Our experienced SDL Customer Experience Cloud team is happy to answer any questions.

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