Drupal Business Days - Frankfurt

18 - 20 May 2017

Meet our experts in Frankfurt and attend our presentation to discover how you can transform your multilingual technical communication with Drupal

The European Drupal Business Days event is back, this time in the international hub of Frankfurt, one of Europe's top business destinations.

The event presents executives and leaders from across the globe who use, develop and support the Drupal platform with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, better understand future needs and prioritize objectives.

AMPLEXOR is a long-time supporter of Drupal events and acts as a Gold Sponsor in Frankfurt.

Go digital, go Drupal!


As an event sponsor, AMPLEXOR’s team will be onsite, and we look forward to showing you how to optimize your digital touchpoints to create emotional connections with your customers.

Visit us at the foyer or attend our presentation on 19 May (15:30) and let our Drupal experts explain how we can help your company:

  • Develop and implement a tailored roadmap for your digital initiatives
  • Transform your products’ technical information into customer-centric communications 
  • Request all your website translations directly through Drupal with our ready-to-use connector
  • Use innovative technology to assess customer insights and get the most out of your online marketing campaigns


Presentation by Jörg Drescher - 19 May, 15:30-16:00

Find out how to completely and seamlessly integrate your technical communication platform with Drupal. Your product manuals, FAQs, or support videos can be automatically published on your digital channels, and any product update or relaunch will be effortlessly reflected in all communication across formats and languages.

Turn your technical content into marketing content, aligning the quality of your communication with the excellence of your products to meet end users' expectations.

Jörg Drescher is Senior Consultant and ECM Business Analyst, specializing in Drupal at AMPLEXOR

Jörg Drescher is Senior Consultant and ECM Business Analyst, specializing in Drupal and its integration with other component content (CCMS) or product information management (PIM) systems. 


18 May - Digital Executives Summit (CXO)
Track #1: General Business
Who: CxOs, business leaders and decision makers
What: vertical solutions, digital marketing, market trends

19 May - Digital Transformation, Digital Government and Technical Leaders Summits
Track #2: Business & Technology
Who: Technical leaders and decision makers
What: API-first Drupal, enterprise architecture, system integration
15:30 - 16:00 - AMPLEXOR presentation: Customer Documentation and CXM in Drupal

Track #3: Business & Community
Who: Drupal community leaders and members
What: Cooperation, contribution, startup


Drupal Business Days - Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt

Radisson Blu Hotel

Franklinstraße 65
60486 Frankfurt am Main


AMPLEXOR is Gold Sponsor of Drupal Business Days in Frankfurt


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