CX Consulting

CX Consulting

AMPLEXOR CX Consulting is a tailor-made approach for your digital initiatives, supported by our strong expertise in setting up digital platforms, content management technology, and best practices.

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Through a thorough check-up, our experts disclose the key strengths and weaknesses in your current digital approach, unveiling your online reach potential, marketing ROI and conversion capabilities.

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Understanding the overall health of your digital marketing strategy is a key factor to determine how you should invest in the future. We have the right tools and expertise to analyze your current digital processes, online visibility, and social reputation. Our Digital presence audit focuses on all your different digital channels and areas, such as websites, social media, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, PPC and SEM.

Through a detailed analysis of the content creation process, information sources, and an inventory of your company’s current IT landscape, we are able to identify and prioritize your key feature requirements. Our in-depth know-how in digital experience architecture, allow us to select the most suitable technology to fit your business needs and budget.

We work together with all stakeholders to build a clear step-by-step project roadmap that will guide all your digitalization processes.  Using our agile methodology we gather all business requirements, competitor analysis, technical constraints and governance workflows. This will help us to understand which factors will make your digital experience a success and where to save costs and increase revenues.

To ensure a clear view on navigation and functionality, we provide the information architecture and wireframes. We also use prototypes and graphic design to demonstrate how systems and users will interact and how the different screens and devices will look.

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