Customer Service

Customer Service

AMPLEXOR Customer Service gives you the right tools to monitor and promote customer engagement and satisfaction. Optimize your pre and after-sales assistance with multilingual and multichannel customer service while keeping track of customers' behavior and feedback.  

We help you standardize after sales processes and customer service experience across a variety of channels:  from handling real-time requests and complaints through social media to providing the best product support available through dynamic database-generated FAQs.

Enabling customers to easily contact your brand or give feedback is must-have to any brand nowadays. User-generated content is the most powerful marketing tool and we want to make sure you make the most of it, without losing control of your information. 

With experienced linguist and translator teams and the right services to deliver fast multilingual support we help you make your support as global as your brand, delivering high-quality localized content in more than 50 languages. 

Providing accurate information about your products and services should be a priority along all pre and after-sales processes.  With the right document publishing and dissemination tools you can deliver up-to-date product information and documentation to your customers, partners and resellers.

With the right tools to analyze customer behaviour and feedback to provide a real time clear view on customer satisfaction you’ll know exactly which areas need improvement or special attention. You can also stay updated on your brand popularity and make sure to be prepared for crisis management.