Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

The future of this industry is uncertain and changes constantly with each new development. Stock markets and investors are keeping a keen eye on technological innovations or scientific revelations.

Limited resources, high demand, and a strong focus on research, development and innovative ideas constitute the underlying issues that the industry has to tackle. At an operational level, compliance requirements and risk evaluation are daily challenges which are especially felt by companies operating in remote and difficult conditions.
After a period of numerous mergers and acquisitions in the industry recently, there is also an urgent need for data consolidation. 


With strong experience developing customized solutions for the energy sector, we know how to address specific challenges related to the building, operating, and dismantling phase within this industry.

Aware of your current challenges and existing processes, we will design the appropriate infrastructure, organization, and processes to achieve collaborative sharing of information and business processes.

Featured solutions

As a leading provider of global compliance, digital experience, and content solutions we have the right tools to tackle your business processes and priorities, ensuring seamless platform standardization and integration.

Plant Information Suite

A secure online interface where all plant-related assets and documents can be accessed and managed.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Break your company’s information silos and organizational boundaries and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among all your employees.

Global Content Suite

Combining expert services with best-in-class technology, it covers all the needs related to translation, localization and multiformat publishing.

Customer Experience Solutions

Meet your customers’ high expectations delivering the best premium experiences throughout all your communication channels.

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