Aerospace, Defense & Transportation

Aerospace, Defense & Transportation

Companies in the aerospace, defense & transport industry operate on a global scale and in a highly competitive environment. With maximum security, compliance regulation, and customer experience as top priorities, they have been increasingly challenged by tight competition and external economic factors.

Managing complex supply chains that include customers, suppliers, partners, contractors, consultants, and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), these companies are constantly faced with an enormous flow of information. Content and information lifecycle management is crucial and requires effective systems capable of meeting demanding requirements, such as compliance with industry specific regulation. Product and maintenance documentation must be produced faster and be published through multiple channels (PDF, intranet, website or built-in computer systems). 

How we can help

At AMPLEXOR, we offer a valuable resource of expertise in terms of services, consultancy and systems, and can provide the best resources to solve all your problems relating to product information lifecycle. Years of experience with blue chip clients has enabled us to provide solutions based on industry standards such as S1000D, ATA 2200 and 2300, XML, dynamic publication and content management systems.

For years we have been developing our service to reduce the total cost of ownership. We deliver S1000D technical authoring, translation and Common Source DataBase (CSDB) services, and can implement off-the-shelf software platforms to leverage the S1000D concept.

Featured solutions

With tight competition and customers’ high expectations and demands as your biggest challenge, we can help you to increase the value of services and improve margins at the same time. 

Aerospace Documentation Suite

Keep your flight operations manuals and maintenance support documentation secure, updated and in line with compliance standards.

Global Content Suite

Combining expert services with best-in-class technology, it covers all the needs related to translation, localization and multiformat publishing.

Customer Experience Solutions

Meet your customers’ high expectations delivering the best premium experiences throughout all your communication channels.

Enterprise Content Solutions

Make the most of your content in the minimum time while maintaining maximum security, in order to keep the business moving.

Customers come first

Airfrance - AMPLEXOR customer
Airbus - AMPLEXOR customer
Armee de l'air - AMPLEXOR customer
Astronics Armstrong Aerospace - AMPLEXOR customer
ATR - AMPLEXOR customer
Bell Helicopter - AMPLEXOR customer
Bombardier the evolution of mobility - AMPLEXOR customer
Esterline - AMPLEXOR customer
FN Herstal - AMPLEXOR customer
L3 communications - AMPLEXOR customer
Naval Group (formerly DCNS) - AMPLEXOR customer
Pratt & Whitney - a united technologies company - AMPLEXOR customer
Rheinmetall - AMPLEXOR customer
Safran - AMPLEXOR customer
Thales - AMPLEXOR customer