Leuven.Inc Entrepreneurs Café: AMPLEXOR Belgium – 15 years of digital transformation

3 March 2016

Since its conception in Leuven in 2001, AMPLEXOR Belgium has evolved from a small company to a worldwide player. During this Entrepreneurs Café, AMPLEXOR Belgium will look back and reflect on what its team has learned over the past 15 years.


17.00:    Attendee registration
17.30:    Welcome by Leuven.Inc
17.40:    15 years AMPLEXOR Belgium in retrospect and lessons learned (Eric Pieters, CEO AMPLEXOR Belgium)
18.15:    Q&A
18.30:    How do you create a website in the year 2016? A digital tour (Damien Dewitte, Co-founder AMPLEXOR Belgium and Solution Manager Digital Experience Management AMPLEXOR)
19.20:    Dinner
20.30:    End