AMPLEXOR Plant Information Suite is a secure online interface where all plant-related assets and documents can be easily accessed and managed, anytime and anywhere.

As a customized content management system, AMPLEXOR Plant Information Suite enables you to easily prove the accuracy, traceability, and integrity of your plant documentation, better preparing you for compliance reviews or audits.

A secure online interface to control and manage all project phases, from task planning to monitoring.  Through private access to all key plant-related assets, internal and external parties holding key responsabilities in plant management and equipment maintenance can have a complete overview of all available resources and allocate them where needed.

Tracing the right data is even more crucial in industries with a high degree of regulation and compliance.  Thanks to the use of XML together with metadata, all the documentation is well structured and all documents are traceable and easily updated, eliminating the risk of errors or data loss. 

Plants are subject to high degrees of compliance and safety regulations and checks can occur at any time, which necessitates that documentation is constantly kept up to date. With AMPLEXOR Plant Information Suite, plant owners can benefit from a compliant preconfigured content management system, enabling them to easily prove the accuracy, traceability and integrity of their documentation and be better prepared for compliance reviews.

AMPLEXOR Plant Information Suite can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, giving access to a full range of additional tools and complementary applications. Highly scalable and able to respond accurately to your needs, each module can be independently operated in SaaS mode within your premises.

XML-supported converting and publishing tools will help you update content faster and in a secure manner, guaranteeing document consistency and quality. The XML authoring process not only ensures high quality, but also facilitates easy browsing through the operation and maintenance documentation, which reduces the time for troubleshooting and correction operations.

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