Case Studies

Case Study: Argenta Web Content Management Project

Argenta’s website was outdated. A completely new information architecture resulted in more user-friendly navigation and content structure. The new site Introduced the concept of “virtual branch office”; the visitor can opt to select the office where he performs his daily banking operations and as a result, the corporate site becomes personalised with information from the local branch. The new site integrates with back-end systems to update the website automatically with daily fund values, adapted interest rates and the latest simulation parameters.

Case Study: Collishop B2B Kinderfeest

Collishop B2B, Colruyt’s online shopping service for professionals offers a customized approach to shopping. Its most recent addition, Collishop Kinderfeest serves as an online B2B-toys-catalogue, ideal for companies wanting to offer a special gift for their employees’ children. A personalized page displays an assortment of potential gifts from which people can choose.

Case Study: Province of Antwerp welcomes new-generation intranet

What does an intranet mean to you? Do you expect it to be just an internal website, where you can consult company-related information? Or do you expect it to be a central gateway to the most frequently used internal applications and services, a tool that facilitates collaboration and improves employee involvement? Thanks to new technologies, the intranet’s potential and role as a communication tool within organisations have evolved enormously.

Case Study: CultuurNet Vlaanderen - has the ambition to become the ‘best in class’ portal site in Flanders and Brussels, offering a complete overview of all (cultural and other) activities in this region. The new site replaces the popular site (5.000 unique visitors/day), and provides more content (including non-cultural), context (related multimedia, restaurants, maps, ...) and interactivity (share, newsletter, widgets, ...). All “UiT-tips” are easy to consult and share for its users.

Case Study: Tourism Flanders - inspire, inform, facilitate and increase loyalty

Tourism Flanders’ overall goal is promote Flanders internationally as a tourism destination and to increase the number of overnight stays in Flanders. Their marketing-communication strategy focuses on inspiring potential travelers and providing easy access to information about what Flanders offers in the hopes that they book a flight or stay. Following the traveler’s decision-making process, the main goal of their website is to inspire, inform, facilitate book and create customer loyalty.