Case Studies

Case Study: Argenta Web Content Management Project

Argenta’s website was outdated. A completely new information architecture resulted in more user-friendly navigation and content structure. The new site Introduced the concept of “virtual branch office”; the visitor can opt to select the office where he performs his daily banking operations and as a result, the corporate site becomes personalised with information from the local branch. The new site integrates with back-end systems to update the website automatically with daily fund values, adapted interest rates and the latest simulation parameters.

Case Study: for European Commission is the implementation of  a new version of the collaboration platform on Drupal. The former version of generated a lot of traffic but was not actively used. Drupal 6 was used to build the future C4D platform. The new website was based  on user needs, with a focus on an ergonomic design. It provides a new, intuitive user interface, with a well balanced taxonomy and improved navigation that help users accomplish their goals.

Case Study: Collishop B2B Kinderfeest

Collishop B2B, Colruyt’s online shopping service for professionals offers a customized approach to shopping. Its most recent addition, Collishop Kinderfeest serves as an online B2B-toys-catalogue, ideal for companies wanting to offer a special gift for their employees’ children. A personalized page displays an assortment of potential gifts from which people can choose.

Case Study: Province of Antwerp welcomes new-generation intranet

What does an intranet mean to you? Do you expect it to be just an internal website, where you can consult company-related information? Or do you expect it to be a central gateway to the most frequently used internal applications and services, a tool that facilitates collaboration and improves employee involvement? Thanks to new technologies, the intranet’s potential and role as a communication tool within organisations have evolved enormously.


Case Study: Mediafin Fast websearch

As part of its efforts to enhance quality, Mediafin, the publisher of these newspapers, decided to introduce FAST on its news websites, and, making it the first Belgian media company to select this search engine. The revamped news websites of De Tijd and L’Echo were launched on 22 May. The project was aimed in part at providing readers with an even better search experience. This was achieved using FAST, an intelligent search engine that is part of Microsoft’s product range.

Case Study: CultuurNet Vlaanderen - has the ambition to become the ‘best in class’ portal site in Flanders and Brussels, offering a complete overview of all (cultural and other) activities in this region. The new site replaces the popular site (5.000 unique visitors/day), and provides more content (including non-cultural), context (related multimedia, restaurants, maps, ...) and interactivity (share, newsletter, widgets, ...). All “UiT-tips” are easy to consult and share for its users.