• Deliver decision-driven information across your organization: Knowledge workers and managers have access to real-time dashboards and reports with business critical information.
  • Dashboard with relevant information and tools: By providing access to up-to-date information and powerful analysis from your reports, performance can be monitored and workload can be analyzed.
  • Reports in any format: Stylesheets produce output simultaneously in any format, e.g. PDF, Microsoft Office Excel & Word® format, XML, HTML, or text files.
  • Receive reports in your mail box: scheduled myInsight to send reports automatically by e-mail. Recipients might be from outside the organization and do not need to be Documentum users.
  • Accelerate speed and performance with integrated technologies: myInsight is fully integrated into Documentum Administrator, Webtop, xCP and D2; fully in line with OpenText’s corporate philosophy.

Fully Integrated in the Documentum Environment

myInsight for Documentum is extensively tested and integrated in all common Documentum interfaces. This enables end-users to work in an environment that they are already familiar with. In addition, myInsight for Documentum does not need to be installed on the end user’s workstation.


myInsight for Documentum solution

myInsight for Documentum is integrated in:

  • Documentum Webtop (6.7 up to 6.8.2)
  • Documentum Administrator (6.7 up to 7.3)
  • Documentum xCP (2.3)
  • Documentum D2 (4.0 up to 4.7)


For more information, please try myInsight for free for 30 days!
You may contact us by email using the Contact-menu available on top of this page or request a temporary license by using the request license file web form.

Current release

We have officially released version 6.0 of myInsight for Documentum. Fully supporting interaction with all standard Documentum xCP functionality. Besides generating reports based on your xCP data, our myInsight dashboards are able to initiate any xCP action.


For our users in the Middle-East we have enabled the Arabic right-to-left interface. English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch were already supported in previous releases. In line with Documentum’s user interface, the Arabic myInsight interface presents its words and sentences from right to left.


The 6.0 release also enables report builders to select a user or usergroup from their Documentum repository, so reports can be sent to users’ Documentum inbox or to their email address.


Our 6.0 release supports Documentum version 7.3 and D2 4.7 as well as xCP 2.3, but also continues to support older Documentum versions (in accordance to the OpenText support policy).

myInsight to replace DRS

OpenText’s Documentum reporting solution DRS has reached its end-of-life status in December 2015. myInsight for Documentum is the perfect solution to replace DRS.

In cooperation with OpenText, AMPLEXOR provides a turnkey DRS replacement program: a full transition of your DRS reports into myInsight reports.

Please contact or your local OpenText contact for more information or for a free demo.

OpenText's D2 Life Sciences Solutions Suite

myInsight has been fully integrated into the OpenText Life Sciences Solutions Suite and is present in the following environments:

  • Electronic Trial Master File Solution (eTMF)
  • Research & Development Solution (R&D)
  • Submission Store & View Solution (SS&V)
  • Quality & Manufacturing Solution (Q&M)

Creating dashboards and reports for the Life Sciences solution suite was a challenging and exciting task, implemented with close cooperation of OpenText’s LifeSciences team and AMPLEXOR’s development team. Both project teams are continuously working to improve the joint result, ongoing resulting in new releases.

myInsight Mobile

myInsight Mobile

myInsight Mobile provides a continuous insight into the business results and it unlocks the power of data. It transforms content in your repository into a dashboard for your management.


A free demo version of myInsight Mobile app is available for iOS and Android (search for ‘myInsight’). The demo app connects to an active repository, generating dashboards based upon real-time information.


Download for free in Google Play or App Store (requires myInsight 5.1+)