Webinar: Discover myInsight for Documentum

14 April 2016

Discover how myInsight for Documentum can help you gain meaningful insight from your document management system. Access real-time data via personalized dashboards in a wide range of reports (PDF, MS Excel & Word, XML, HTML).

AMPLEXOR invites you to a demonstration of the latest version of its reporting solution, myInsight for Documentum, during a webinar on Thursday April 14 2016 at 3 PM.

Please note the webinar content will be presented in French.

myInsight for Documentum allows you to present and access relevant information by creating interactive reports that can be shared manually or automatically, even to users who don’t have access to your document management system.

myInsight is fully integrated into Documentum Administrator, Webtop, xCP, D2 or any personalized applications.

As EMC’s Documentum Reporting Solution (DRS) has reached its end of life, myInsight for Document is the turnkey replacement developed by AMPLEXOR.