AMPLEXOR Webinar-Tuesdays - Der 360°-Blick auf den Kunden: Mehr Erfolg und Effizienz im ganzheitlichen Salesprozess der digitalen Transformation

07 czerwiec 2016

Be it PIM, ERM, EDM or CRM – relevant company, product, process and customer data exists in different systems that are separate from each other. Only its intelligent links and analysis enable an integrated customer relations management. In this webinar, you will learn how consistent information management increases efficiency and sales.

This webinar will be presented in German.

The speaker

With a degree in Technical Editing, Achim Götz specializes in knowledge management, technical documentation, and writing in technical contexts. Since 2006, he has worked at AMPLEXOR as a Senior Consultant in this area. In addition to his technical knowledge and years of experience from customer projects in the area of information management, Götz is also a fan of literature, photography and jazz.

AMPLEXOR Webinar Tuesdays: 9x1 Digital Experience Marketing

May 24 to July 19, 2016 –every Tuesday, 2pm.