Professional Services

Our team of consultants has a clear view of digital operational excellence, global content management and digital experience management solutions and technology.

AMPLEXOR sets up Professional Services projects in three stages: design, build and run.

In the design stage, we analyze business processes, information and software environments. We identify gaps which prevent organizations from reaching their goals, and design solutions in line with their needs.

During the build stage, we develop the concepts and ideas created during the design stage. The focus is on execution: our multidisciplinary team (architect, functional designer and product expert) works with the customer’s single point of contact (SPOC), key users, etc. to bring the concepts to life.

After everything is set up and running, employees or customers can then use the final product. During the run stage, we continue to support you. We offer transparent service management and a SPOC for queries and help. If you wish to make any changes or alterations, it is of course possible to do so, as requirements can change over time.


With today's complex and fast-moving projects, we strongly value collaborating with our customers to understand how they work as well as with the system users. We feel that it is our responsibility to make your project a success, and we hope to inspire you to make it even better.


AMPLEXOR treasures its multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic, highly trained professionals: developers, business consultants, project managers, and support team members.

We believe in working hard, helping each other out, and being the best possible team each and every day.

Featured solutions

We combine these services with a set of technologies and platforms and industry knowledge in order to deliver full solutions to our customers.

Life Science Solutions

A compliance-centric suite that enables life sciences companies to replace siloed tools with a single authoritative software product.

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Global Content Suite

Combining expert services with best-in-class technology, it covers all the needs related to translation, localization and multiformat publishing.

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Enterprise Content Solutions

Make the most of your content in the minimum time while maintaining maximum security, in order to keep the business moving.

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Customer Experience Solutions

Meet your customers’ high expectations delivering the best premium experiences throughout all your communication channels.

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