Marketing & Corporate Publishing

Today, organizations are faced with constantly growing challenges with regard to meeting customer expectations and requirements, owing to the increase in communication channels, changing consumer habits, and the availability of multilingual information. 

Our professionals around the world can help secure your brand message and reputation through seamless publishing support and lead generation processes. We ensure that your information is properly distributed across multiple online channels with a local touch. Our service offering includes the support of a team of certified professionals possessing years of experience and integrity to help meet your business needs with traditional and digital marketing activities. We ensure the right level of support through dedicated service managers and a team of professionals working on your processes who monitor and boost productivity in every aspect.

Our solutions are designed to provide customers with the right capabilities and offer a combination of services together with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified professionals.

Our marketing & corporate publishing services include:

  • Content creation services (copywriting, copy editing, proofreading, graphic design)
  • Marketing language services (localization, terminology management, linguistic asset management, quality control)
  • Online presence management (search engine optimization, mobile search optimization, social media management)
  • Campaign operations (multichannel campaign management, email marketing and management, corporate publishing, client support services)

We strongly believe that our marketing and corporate publishing expertise ensures that our customers from all industry segments can enjoy the best outcomes without the need to be specialists in their own right. Our combined experience, state-of-the-art technology, and related services help us to combine our solutions so as to correctly meet your requirements.

Our services help our customers to focus on their primary business goals and day-to-day activities without interruption, and to enjoy the expected business results.


As a digital solution provider working for global organisations, we have teams of professionals who are specialists in their area of expertise and work around the globe with entities close to our customers’ business premises in order to meet their expectations and requirements.

Service Managers take care of customer requirements and orders, while our Delivery Managers take care of assigning dedicated tasks to ensure top-quality output and timely delivery. Both managers are backed by process specialists and dedicated technology tools to set up projects and to continuously improve process quality and outcome.

Digital marketing team: our digital marketing team manages our customers’ online presence and campaign operations. A team of SEO specialists, content strategists, digital marketers, social media specialists and e-mail marketing experts deliver end-to-end digital marketing solutions to our customers. SEO specialists make sure your website gets the targeted organic traffic it deserves, while content strategists ensure your visitors are converted into leads where digital marketers know the actual trends and how to make use of online opportunities to publish your content through different channels. Social media marketers deliver your business message to the target audience with the help of social media channels, while e-mail marketers ensure your message is conveyed by e-mail with maximum benefits.

Publication team: our publication team ensures your unique business message is presented in the marketplace in a creative and passionate way to create a strong brand position: graphic designers present your message creatively in a way that your target market understands; proofreaders help to ensure good quality of publications; conversion experts specialize in converting content from one format to another; XML specialists ensure proper semantic tagging of content; and layout designers make sure the publication presentations meet the customers’ requirements and match their audience.

Content creation team: great content is at the heart of a strong brand position, and content creation can be a significant element of your business success. Our content creation team includes copywriters who create content according to foreseen audience requirements, and we have different teams working on technical documentation, marketing texts, blog posts, e-mail messages, and much more. Copy editors help our customers to improve their content and adapt accordingly to their audience’s requirements with the right tone and terminology.

Featured solutions

We combine these services with a set of technologies and platforms and industry knowledge in order to deliver full solutions to our customers.

Customer Experience Solutions

Meet your customers’ high expectations delivering the best premium experiences throughout all your communication channels.

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Global Content Suite

Combining expert services with best-in-class technology, it covers all the needs related to translation, localization and multiformat publishing.

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