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Amplexor now has an Acquia Certified Developer

When Acquia announced its certification program, Amplexor, an Acquia partner, was rather curious about the contents of the certification exam. So we sent Maarten Segers - one of our Drupal consultants - to check it out.

In order to get "Acquia certified in Drupal”, Maarten took the onsite exam in a Kryterion center in Antwerp.

About the exam

The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions that cover different areas of expertise which are considered to be required for professional development with Drupal. A lot of the questions come from real-world situations that you might encounter in your projects.

It took Maarten about 60 minutes to complete all questions in the well balanced exam, which left him with about half an hour to review the answers he had marked for review.

Getting insight in your personal Drupal literacy

Why should you take the exam? Even if you’re a proficient Drupal developer, the exam will give you a better insight into your personal knowledge of Drupal. To quote Dries Buytaert:

"A good certification is not just a rubber stamp, but a way for people to evaluate their own abilities, and make plans for improving their knowledge."

There are a number of ways to learn and improve your knowledge of Drupal; besides reading the documentation and must read books like Pro Drupal 7 Development and Drupal 7 Module Development, a lot is learned in practice by working together on an actual project with people more experienced with Drupal. 

You can also follow on-line trainings like or pick up and share knowledge by actively taking part in the community: attend Drupal Camps or the upcoming Drupal code sprint at the Amplexor offices in Heverlee.